Next Generation Products Predicted to Have No Potential to Induce Developmental Toxicity in the devTOX quickPredict Assay [British Toxicology Society 2019]

Presented by Imperial Brands at the British Toxicology Society Annual Congress, in Cambridge, UK; April 2019

There is a growing scientific consensus that next generation products (NGPs) present a less harmful alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers. However, further research is required to adequately assess if NGP aerosols present a developmental risk to the unborn foetus.

This study compared the potential developmental toxicity of NGP aerosols to cigarette smoke using Stemina’s devTOX quickPredict human pluripotent stem cell-based assay. This assay uses the metabolic perturbation of the biomarkers ornithine/cystine ratio (o/c ratio) to predict developmental toxicity potential.

The results add to the weight-of-evidence indicating that the test NGPs are likely to be less harmful than cigarettes.