Developmental Toxicity Testing of Gaseous Chemicals with a Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Assay

Presented at the Teratology Society Annual Meeting in San Diego, California; June 2019Innovative in vitro toxicity screening assays aimed at reducing or replacing the use of animals in chemical safety testing are critical to meet the safety requirements across industries …

Next Generation Products Predicted to Have No Potential to Induce Developmental Toxicity in the devTOX quickPredictTM Assay

Presented by Imperial Brands at the British Toxicology Society Annual Congress, in Cambridge, UK; April 2019

There is a growing scientific consensus that next generation products (NGPs) present a less harmful alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers. However, further research is required to adequately assess if NGP aerosols present a developmental risk to the unborn foetus.