Stemina Launches Cardiotoxicity Assay, Presents Sponsored Session, Poster at SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2018

Elizabeth L.R. Donley, JD, MBA, MS

Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors

Robert E. Burrier, Ph.D.

Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of Research and Development, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Fred R. Kirchner, Ph.D.

Director of Toxicology

Jessica Palmer, MS

Associate Director of Toxicology

Alan Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Computational Biology

Elizabeth L. R. Donley, JD, MBA, MS

Chief Executive Officer

Barbara L. Handelin, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO – Audacity Therapeutics, PBC

Don M. Hardison

President, CEO and Director – Biotheranostics, Inc

R. Andrew Morgan, RPh

Executive Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Quality Operations – Zurex Pharma and Zurex PharmAgra