Applying Discovery Toxicology Approaches for Prediction of Developmental Phenotypes [Teratology Society, 2018]

Presented at the Teratology Society Annual Meeting in Clearwater, Florida; June 2018.

This poster was presented by toxicology professionals from Syngenta, Ltd. The research they discussed was conducted using Stemina’s assays.

The current in vivo tests to identify chemistries with developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART) hazards are resource-intensive, relatively slow, and as such, are often undertaken too late in product development to inform subsequent chemical design, should an effect be seen. In vitro assays can help identify DART hazards earlier in chemical development. Syngenta used Stemina’s devTOX quickPredict assay to test a series of chemicals known to cause malformations in rodents and rabbits that were not identified with mouse embryonic stem cells or zebrafish. The devTOX quickPredict assay successfully predicted developmental effects in a concentration-dependent manner consistent with the in vivo responses.

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